Creating the Appearance of Youth

My old friend Mary came to my birthday party a few weeks ago and she looked like she was 20 years younger. It was like she had been drinking water from the fountain of youth. I asked her how she was able to make herself look so young, and she told me that she had a thread lift done at a clinic for aesthetic in Singapore. The term she used was one that I had never heard before. She said it was like getting a face lift, but without having surgery to do it. This gave me more questions than it answered, so I contacted the clinic for more information.

The clinic told me that the procedure for the thread lift uses threads that are put into the skin to encourage the production of collagen. This results in the skin becoming tighter and reducing any sagging skin and wrinkles. They said it only took around a half hour for the procedure to be done, and that afterwards I could go about doing my regular routine. I put some thought into whether I wanted to get the procedure or not. Up until that point, I had been fine with my face aging, but since seeing my friend at the birthday party, the thought of looking younger was more appealing to me.

I finally decided to make an appointment for the thread lift procedure. Just like the clinic said when I contacted them, the procedure only took around 30 minutes to do. They used an anesthetic during the procedure, but it wore off, and I felt like normal. Not long after the procedure had been done, I noticed that the tightening effect was happening in my face. As the days passed, the effect increased, and my face wasn’t looking so old and wrinkly.