News when I Can’t Watch Television

It’s been a little hard for me to keep up with the latest Trump news because I haven’t been watching television that much. I mostly get my news from the local and cable channels, but since I’ve been working more hours, I haven’t had as much free time to dedicate to watching the news when I get home. I just take a shower, eat, and head right to bed. Although the extra hours are tough, it’s worth it because I make more money. Since I still have some time during my lunch break, I use my phone to check out a Trump related news feed and catch up on what I missed from the previous day.

Since the most recent hurricanes spawned, the news about Trump has been a little slow, except for a few statements here and there where he’s been talking about going to the sites where the hurricane hit. I live clear of the path of the hurricanes, so at best all I got was some rain and heavy winds, but people in the southern areas really got hit hard by it, especially those that live on the bottom coast. Their entire lives have been changed because of this and many of them don’t have homes anymore or don’t have a place to work.

It will be interesting to see the news for the next couple of weeks about what Trump will do to help the people who have been negatively affected by the hurricanes. For the moment, I think all he can really do is give more funding to the right sources so they can help the people rebuild and survive while they look for a new place to live and a new job. It will take a long time and a lot of money to repair those areas, so the government will have to work together.