My Boss is Some Sort of Character

I guess the boss is about to blow his top, which is not much different than usual. The guy is a Sicilian and he seems to have learned how to curse in twenty some languages when he was working on cruise ships. At any rate when I came in today he was dealing with the drain cleaning company in New Jersey that was fixing a grease clog or something. I never really figured out what they were saying, him and this other guy were shouting at each other really loud. The dishwashers thought they were going to go at each other and everyone knows that the boss will carry around a little semiautomatic pistol at times. Every now and then he will tell me how he has enemies and act as though he is in the mafia. I am pretty sure that is a load of bull, but then the guy is not entirely hinged or whatever metaphor you want to use.

At any rate this drain cleaner only needed about twenty minutes to clean out the clogged drains, but that did not happen for a lot longer. Instead of letting the guy do his job and go on with his life, the two of them yelled at one another until they were both red in the face and out of curse words. It seems like the boss told them that they had to get there this morning, about three hours before they did and he thinks that just because he decides you should be there, that is the alpha and the omega. It simply does not occur to him that other people have their own schedules, that they have other things to do or that the whole world does not revolve around him. It is actually pretty amusing and you think he is some sort of cartoon character.