Anxiety Attacks – Is Lack of Purpose Causing Your Anxiety?

Why do you have anxiety? Why are you prone to panic attacks? What’s wrong with you? Why are you worried so much? These are some of the questions that might be flashing through your mind if you suffer from generalized anxiety or panic attacks.

There are a lot of reasons that people experience anxiety at different points in their lives or as a sustained problem. Traumatic events, upheaval, financial, personal or emotional strain and longer term biological and behavioral factors may come into play. For some people, however, they experience anxiety because they lack meaning or purpose in their life. 

So many of us often ask the question, why are we here? What is our purpose? What were we meant to contribute? Some answers seem obvious; others are more elusive and leave us searching for answers. 

We all have a basic idea that we should strive to be good people, help others, give to those less fortunate and work hard with honesty and integrity. But so many of us wonder how to achieve our full potential, how to achieve great things, whatever that particular concept means to us as individuals, and live a complete life. 

So many people are bored, stymied, feel held back or incomplete because they haven´t achieved or accomplished what they think they are capable of. If you´re having this nagging feeling of not reaching your potential it can make you anxious. 

If you feel trapped in your job, your residence, your location, your family situation and your current life, it can contribute to anxiety, phobias or panic attacks. These attacks are simply manifestations of the fear you feel about being trapped in your current life situation. Fears are often a mirror through which we can view ourselves. 

Sometimes simply finding an outlet to give your life greater meaning or purpose can reduce your feelings of anxiety and panic. Monumental changes to your life are not usually necessary but finding a passion, exploring and developing it can be instrumental in providing you with a more positive outlook. 

Going back to school, changing your career, developing a talent or getting involved in your community can all be ways to find a more complete purpose in life. When we feel we are living up to our potential, using our talents and fulfilling our purpose we feel better about ourselves, others and our own lives. Feeling good is really the best tool in fighting anxiety, panic and fear. 

Regardless of your age, profession or life circumstances you can make small changes that have big mental impacts. Happiness isn´t measured in dollars; it´s really about being fulfilled. Some people find this feeling at church or with their own spirituality, while others find it through community involvement and outreach. 

Still others find satisfaction in pursuing hobbies, changing careers, learning a new occupation or developing a new talent. Contributions big and small are all important to the world and you need to find your little piece of happiness. 

Once you do, you will feel better, experience less anxiety and lead a generally more fulfilled life.  Start your search now.