A Great Home for My Family

When I first looked at Treasure at Tampines in Singapore, my initial reaction is that it would be a great place to live. As I learned more details, that impression just continued to grow stronger and stronger. First off, the location is superb. My wife and I both work in the city, and we are able to hop on the transit and get to work without any trouble if we lived at Treasure at Tampines. Secondly, we have three kids, and we wanted to make sure there are quality schools in the area.

My wife and I looked over each of the schools in the area, and we were both pleased with what we saw. We knew that all of them would get a quality education there. Also, there are so many things to do right around the development. There is a huge mall boasting well over one hundred stores as well as parks and activity centers. There are nice things to do right in the development too. There are multiple pools, play areas, an indoor gym that has all the equipment that we would need, barbecue areas and just so much more.

The final thing we needed to look at was the layout of the actual condo. Even though our two youngest share a room, we knew that we would need at least a four bedroom unit because they would not always want to do that. We really did not need a fifth bedroom but we ended up going with that option because it did also come with an extra bathroom. Raising three girls along with having a beautiful wife meant that the bathroom would be an issue as the girls get older. Having an extra bathroom definitely is worth having an extra bedroom too, plus we can use it as a guest room since our parents do visit a good bit. This place has everything going for it, and I am so glad it is going to be our new home.